APOLAN - Plow Blades

Performance When You Need it Most
The APOLAN - Plow Blade has been designed for the toughest snow removal tasks. Unique technology has been applied by APOLAN International in developing an improved polyurethane (PUR) blade. Sophisticated formulating know-how and processing provide the APOLAN - Plow Blade with the essential performance characteristics.

  • Low Temperature Flexibility
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Impact Resistance​

Series 10: Standard

  • High Performance PUR
  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance​

Series 20: Unmatched Mechanical Strength

  • Ultra High Performance
  • Exceptional Abrasion Resistance
  • Extended Low Temperature Flexibility
  • High Impact Resistance

What Makes APOLAN - Plow Blades Different from Other Poly​urethane Blades?

​Material Basis = Exceptional Properties

​APOLAN International uses only high quality PUR Elastomers which are formulated based on proprietary technology and processed to close tolerance on custom designed equipment. This is the basis for products with engineered, controlled key properties.

​Manufacturing Technology = Consistent Quality

​APOLAN - Plow Blades are produced on precision PUR molding machinery, capable of maintaining highest ratio accuracy and exact process conditions. As a result, the product consistently maintains properties including high abrasion resistance and low temperature impact resistance.

​Process and Mold Design = Quality Custom Products

​Unique process and mold design capabilities allow for molding of each APOLAN - Plow Blade to the exact specifications of the customer. Special dimensional requirements and bonded steel inserts can be manufactured.

​APOLAN - Plow Blades = Quality by Design

​APOLAN has been proven for over 15 years to be constant in meeting application requirements.

  • No post hardening even after long storage times.
  • Not affected by humidity.
  • Custom Molding
  • Proven Reliability
  • ​Dimensions: 
    • ​​Length up to 14'
    • ​Width up to 15"
    • ​Thickness up to 2 1/2"


​At APOLAN International we engineer quality and dependability into the product. When you choose the APOLAN - Plow Blade you can be assured you will have a product that works when you need it.

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