​  APOLAN International​

​APOLAN International is a manufacturer of molded polyurethane (PUR) engineering goods used in a variety of industrial applications. The management team at APOLAN International has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing technology and development of high performance PUR products. Among the offering of superior quality polyurethane products are Polyurethane Screen Printing Squeegees.

Since 1985 APOLAN products have been recognized for superior quality and performance. Our Polyurethane Screen Printing Squeegees are highly regarded worldwide for their quality and consistency. This advanced product offering is the result of superior molding technology using proprietary designed molds and Liquid Injection Molding (LIM) equipment.

As a leader in polyurethane technology, APOLAN International is also manufacturing many products for the construction and mining industries in addition to government and military applications. APOLAN International understands the needs of the polyurethane industry and adheres to the closest possible manufacturing tolerance. It is this commitment that enables us to provide a cost effective, reliable product that performs with a longer life in demanding applications.

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